Finance Deal from SEGA and FIRESTONE!

SEGA and Firestone Financial join forces to offer operators a hot new finance deal. Operators can pick from three premium Sega theatre video games and spread the cost over 36 months, no down payment required, just 2.99% APR.

Sega is renowned for its excellent quality high performing games, with this finance offer the company aims to make acquiring these top revenue-generating products as easy as possible. Operators can choose from three heavyweight officially licensed games TRANSFORMERS: Shadows RisingLuigi’s Mansion Arcade and Target Bravo: Operation Ghost.

TRANSFORMERS: Shadows Rising is a huge global licensed game, that attracts players of all ages. Presented in a sensational truck design cabinet, with gorgeous chrome exhausts, big grill, and lifelike Optimus Prime head. This cabinet stands out in any location. Team up with three movie stars; Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Sideswipe players have to stop evil Megatron’s plans. Players battle across America, Europe, and Asia in this action-packed 2 player game. Click Here to watch the official Transformers: Shadows Rising product video.

Luigi’s Mansion Arcade is a 2-player action adventure game featured in a 55” atmospheric theatre cabinet. In this game, players must capture ghosts using a unique controller, solve puzzles and battle monster sized bosses. Luigi’s Mansion Arcade is a popular licensed product from Nintendo that attracts the whole family. Click here to watch a quick product video for Luigi’s Mansion Arcade.

Target Bravo is a Sega legacy licenced game that puts players in the shoes of highly trained special force agent to save the world from bad guys. Presented in a 55” theatre cabinet players will experience thrilling action. Click here to learn more about Target Bravo: Operation Ghost.