The Walking Dead Arcade Prototype Spotted

Raw Thrills’ The Walking Dead, a video game based on a graphic novel that became AMC’s hugely popular TV show, is set to premiere at this year’s IAAPA deadwalktestshow. Shipping will be some time in 2017.

News leaked out after RePlay contributor Adam Pratt (Endgame) got an anonymous tip that an early version of the game was out on test. The blog post noted that the cabinet appeared similar to the Raw Thrills’ popular Jurassic Park Arcade, but we’re guessing that’s where the similarities end. Raw Thrills representatives made certain that for production, the game will be in “an amazing new cabinet, customized for the experience.”

Raw Thrills Sales Manager Mark Struhs confirmed,”We are testing out a game called The Walking Dead. One of them is already out there, but it’s an early prototype and not what we’re going to launch. I have to say I’m really excited and I can’t wait to tell you more!”

Struhs also stressed that despite the similarities between the test cabinet and JPA, gameplay will be completely different and utterly unique to the Walking Dead franchise

With this and reports that Raw Thrills will be showing off a new iteration of the classic Cruis’n video racer series, it looks like their booth at IAAPA will bring plenty of excitement this year.

Click on the link for more information. The Walking Dead Coming To Arcades In 2017