UNIS Pirate’s Hook


One of a kind fishing reel mechanism…feels like real fishing!

  • Fast-paced gameplay with skill and timing
  • Unique rotating reel handles with multiple tension settings. Pull harder for BIG FISH!
  • The bigger the fish, the higher the score. Catch the lobster, win the treasure!
  • 2 player video fishing game
  • Striking multi-color changing LED lights
  • 42” LCD monitor

How to play:

  • Insert coin(s) to start
  • Press the button “Lower Hook” to lower the hook.
  • Rotate the handle to reel in fish
  • Catch as many fish as possible within the time limit. Junk Items= No Tickets.
  • The bigger the fish, the higher the score
  • Catch the Lobster King to win the MEGA BONUS!

Width 1030mm / 40.6″
Depth 850mm / 33.5″
Height 2319mm / 91.2″
Shipping Weight 218kg / 480lb
Smart Card Capability No
Container Fittings 20’ container: 10 units 40’ container: 22 units
Voltage AC110/220V 50/60HZ


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