UNIS Panning For Gold

A unique mechanical game like you’ve never seen before

  • Pan for gold nuggets floating in water
  • 4 player compact cabinet
  • Unique weighing technology – heavier nuggets win more tickets
  • A Bonus Wheel on each player position which determines additional ticket wins

How to Play:

Aim the claw to fish out the most nuggets. If you collect more than 280z worth of nuggets, you get to spin the BONUS WHEEL.

1 to 4 player gold prospecting theme game. Catch and weigh as many gold nuggets floating in the river. Skill bonus activates when enough are collected. Unique weighing and claw technology.

Width 1.1m / 44″
Depth 1.4m / 56″
Height 2m / 82″ADD TO WEBSITE.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC