UNIS Outback Hunter

A standalone video shooting gallery for 4 players. The cabinet is easy to install and allows 4 players to compete against each other for the title of the best hunter. Outback Hunter makes an old concept of a shooting gallery more dynamic by being fully video based, with leaderboards, a whole slew of different animals, as well as ticket redemption for each player.

We have developed a second piece of software for Outback Hunter called “Dino InvasioOUTBACK-HUNTER-300x276n”, which conspicuously features dinosaurs. This expansion and cabinet kit will be available later this year, however, the new orders of Outback Hunter are able to ship with the Dino Invasion theming and software.

  • Video shooting gallery with gun feedback
  • Several stages to complete
  • 4 Player positions with leaderboards
  • Optional Dinosaur theme (includes a themed marquee)
Width 133″ / 3.4m
Depth 123″ / 3.1m
Height 108″ / 2.8m