UNIS Omni Arena – Virtual Reality

A virtual reality experience tailored specifically for the amusement industry. Omni Arena is developed in partnership with Virtuix Omni, a producer of omnidirectional treadmills that allow the players to move freely inside any VR environment. Omni Arena allows 5 players or 2 players to enjoy single and multiplayer games in fully iADD TO WEBSITE.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DCmmersive virtual reality environments.

The Omni Arena installation includes 5 sets of virtual reality goggles and treadmills as well as a collection of shoes with Omni sensors that allow for foot tracking inside VR worlds. Several monitors around the perimeter of the setup broadcast individual gameplay of each player and demo content. Omni Arena is also available in a 2-player version, which includes 2 sets of goggles and takes up a smaller footprint.

All the VR headsets are connected to their own individual PCs in order to provide smooth frame rates for the players.

The software options are nearly limitless with Omni Arena. This year’s IAAPA we will be presenting 3 games that the product will start shipping with. These games are Omni Arena, Training Ops, and Shadow Ops.

Omni Arena is a multiplayer futuristic co-op experience that plays with a fantasy of live e-sports. The game is set in a variety of arena-like environments and the audience in the arenas reacts to players’ actions in real time. 4 players in the game have to prevent the destruction of key control points by the hostile AI bots. The players’ speed, accuracy, and situational awareness are all tested in the game’s sleek multi-tier maps. The game will ship in this state next year, with this year’s version available as a singleplayer experience only.

TRAVR: Training Ops is a singe player game where the player has to advance through a virtual training course by shooting stationary and moving targets. The omnidirectional treadmill captures the player’s movement to allow for smooth real-time feet tracking inside the virtual training grounds.

Shadow Ops is a slower horror-themed experience where the player explores an abandoned laboratory as a part of an elite squad.

The 5 and 2 players sets will start shipping in January for the early adopters.