UNIS Fruit Mania


A Winning Mania!

  • New Generation Redemption
  • Skill Based Excitement
  • Novelty Video Based Pusher
  • Many Ways to Win
  • Fast Gameplay
  • Rapid Coin Shooting Action

How to Play:

  • Aim and shoot coins at the rotating fruits to drain their health bars. Fruits will turn into treasure boxes and enable bonus coins which land on the graphic generated pusher deck. As the deck moves it pushes coins and treasure boxes off into the winning zone.
  • Each time coins/boxes drop into the “Winning Zone”, you win tickets, when coins/boxes fall down a center chute – Prize Wheel Trigger, it activates the Prize Wheel, for a chance to win more tickets or receive special items.

Width 954mm / 37.6″
Depth 1264mm / 49.75″
Height 2455mm / 96.75″
Weight 212kg / 468lb
Voltage AC110V 50/60Hz
Smart Card Capability Yes
Container Fittings 20’ container: 8 units 40’ container: 18 units

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