UNIS Deep Sea Drive

A fresh take on a recent UNIS hit Duo Drive. The game preserves the excitement of having 2 games in 1 by letting the player control either a speed boat or a jet ski. Deep Sea Drive still allows the players to compete against each other. Now the tracks feature ramps and bonuses that keep the gameplay exciting. Among new features is the ability to take the race underwater by hitting a special pickup and turning your vehicle into a submarine.

Driving Game-Deep Sea Drive

☆Over and under water special effect
☆Get different items to create obstacles for other competitors
☆Boat can change over and underwater
☆First to cross the finishing line wins



How to Play.

Choose your favorite character and select your driving machine which can be changed over and under water. Get different items to create obstacles for other competitors. If the player is the first one to cross the finish line, it wins!