TeamPlay FunStopPhoto Gen 3

Now on the 3rd generation of technology, Team Play presents the latest Fun Stop Photo Booth, the Fun Stop Photos Gen 3 photo booth

From the outset, this is a booth designed to impress your clients, in turn generating fantastic revenues for site operators. In addition to the standard photo booth functions that it enjoys, Team Play has added a dazzling new camera topper display that features multi-color LEDs that instantly change color. This draws more attention than previous single color camera toppers. They have also redesigned the user interface, making it function like a familiar smartphone as opposed to typical photo booth fare. With multiple print formats available, great security and awesome attraction features, you shouldn’t be without a Fun Stop Photos booth!

What Makes Fun Stop Photos Gen 3 Special?

– An impressive photo booth with features that incentivizes people to take pictures in the booth instead of selfies with their phone

– Share your photos on social media such as Twitter

– 24″ HD touchscreen with an intuitive user-friendly interface; use your smartphone to operate the machine!

– High-resolution camera with wide angle shot capability

– Multiple print formats: 2″x6″ photo strips; Two photo 4″x3″; Four photo 2″x3″; Single 4″x6” photo

– Features dual high-capacity & quality dye sublimation printers

– Smart printing utilizes both printers according to demand

– High-security locking and sophisticated anti-theft force entry security features

– Dazzling camera topper with full-color spectrum LED lighting

– Access remote status updates to keep an eye on your machine without having to be there

– Support for English, Spanish and Portuguese languages

– Ships with a standard Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA); wired for FOUR currency inputs, including Debit Card Readers

NOTE: The camera topper can be removed and the unit function just the same in case you have height requirements to worry about.