Smart Ticket Time Crane

Add illuminated brilliance to your location with our new Ticket TimeTM CRANE. This exciting new crane features fully lit front panels with colors cast by LED’s. Choose the colors that best fit your location and add elegance and attraction to your crane. Players attempt to win ticket rolls in various values. The rolls can be redeemed at the redemption counter where tickets or swipe cards are used. In swipe card locations the attendent will credit the players card with the value of tickets won. In all locations the rolls are then recycled back into the game.

“Smart Industries’ Ticket TimeM is averaging more than $3K each week in my location and has the best ROI I have seen in my 40 years in the industry. The numbers don’t lie, this is a true winner. The claw performance with tickets in the Smart unit is significant compared to other machines and is why this is the machine to have.”

– Clarence Mabe, S&M / FACE Amusements
Grey, TN.

“Ticket TimeTM makes more in a day than most of my games make in a week. The game has been the number one machine in my Riverside, CA Mall location since it was installed. I have a shortage of tokens thanks to that crane. :-)”

– Zach Thicksten, Palomar Amusements