Sega Sonic Blast Ball

Sega has started shipping its Sonic Blast Ball redemption game, which debuted at the IAAPA show.Sonic Blast Ball Cabinet

The game begins with a red ball rocketing around the perimeter of the vertical playfield, pushed forward by a cushion of air. Players must press the large “Blast Ball” button to open a series of mechanical gates at the top of the playfield, dropping the ball into multi-value holes in order to score tickets. If the player times it right, they can hit a side-to-side moving target that awards them more tickets with a spin on the game’s Jackpot Wheel.

“Gameplay is intuitive and fast paced resulting in an exhilarating experience that’s easily understood yet tantalizingly difficult to master,” said Sega’s Sr. Sales Manager, Vince Moreno.

Sonic Blast Ball is just one of many games Sega has released recently that are themed with the iconic blue hedgehog. To see several more, visit Sega’s website or watch this video:

Written by RePlay Magazine