Sega Offers Free Software Upgrade for Daytona

Sega released a free software upgrade for its Daytona Championship USA racing game that adds brand new features and a refined experience. The update includes a new panoramic attract sequence that works with four linked cabinets or more,

Transforming a bank of games into a massive billboard.

Other updates include refined car handling, refined force feedback, and revised AI difficult that makes the game more accessible for beginners and more difficult for those looking for a challenge. Updated graphics and audio, as well as a new part mode that can handle up to 128 players, complete the update.

The update is free of charge and Daytona operators should receive a USB-drive containing it soon. If you do not receive the USB, email  (or customers can follow the links below to download the files themselves).

“The entire process is easy: You just need one USB-drive to update multiple cabinets, and the same USB-drive will also update the billboard and gameboard,” said Sega GM Justin Burke.

All Daytona games now ship out with this new software update preloaded. For more information and to download the update yourself, click here.
An installation and download guides are available here and here.