Release Date Set for Golden Tee

Incredible Technologies will begin shipping its newest update to Golden Tee Sept. 26, with preorders now availaGolden Teeble. Golden Tee 2017 updates include five new 18-hole courses; online format in three versions: casual offline, prizes, and stats; a new way for players to compete in private contests called Player Invitationals; and more. Dedicated showpiece cabinets, complete kits, and showpiece transfer cabinets (to convert older CRT models) are also available to order, and will follow shortly after the first shipment.

Operators who preorder course updates for all of their online games will be automatically entered into IT’s AwesomeDraw random drawing. Prizes include brand-new showpiece games, full game kits, transfer cabinets, and a host of other valuable prizes. AwesomeDraw prizes will be announced mid-October. For more information, visit (

New Courses:

Sandy ReefSandy Reef: On the other side of the world, tucked between continents and encased by the Indian Ocean, sits Sandy Reef. Golden Tee has found a new tropical home in the Maldives, and the views are breathtaking. Oh, we’ve done tropical courses in the past, you say? Certainly. But never quite like this. The vibrant blue waters, twisting palm trees and infinity beaches are easy on the eyes and soul. Just because it’s one of the flattest places on earth, don’t think you’re off the hook. Those beautiful views can come at a cost.

Juniper FallsJuniper Falls: Although Iceland is not an assumed golfing hotbed, this is about to change. The village of Vik, located at the southernmost point of the country, houses one of the more ambitious virtual golfing stops over the past 30 years. While ambitious on the surface, the fit is anything but. The roaring waterfalls, free flowing streams and green grass lining the rolling hills paint a picture fit for a postcard. The Atlantic Ocean will be in play on occasion, as will the steamy hot springs that line fairways and greens.

Teal GardenTeal Garden: For the first time in its storied history, the game you love has touched down in Japan. The village of Sakamoto offers up an array of inquisitive obstacles. Some of these, like the detailed bridges, finely manicured sand traps and magnificent dojos were built by men. Others, such as the tall bamboo trees that sway by tee boxes, will serve as a more natural test. Get past these, and you’ll be greeted with some of the more shapely greens we’ve ever crafted.

Ruby RockRuby Rock: This is not your typical Rocky Mountain voyage. While Colorado Springs has a seat at the 2017 table, the Garden of the Gods is where the elements seemingly blend together. Ruby Rock is a combination of destinations. The red rocks plastered throughout will alter the path of wayward tee shots and approaches. And, the tactically placed hazards along with the dusty, persistent dirt—an element that should not be merely glossed over—makes proper shot placement a must.

Pine CoastPine Coast: Dangling off the steep, unforgiving cliffs that guard the Pacific Ocean is Pine Coast, a place where room temperature is normal. Although Deal Mar, California is not a social beacon compared to its bustling neighbors, its seclusion and space is precisely why this course thrives. Long, open holes, notable changes in elevation and a slew of terrain fit for the area. This mix of shrubbery, ocean rock and water are regular guests. And they will push players from their first shot to their last.