Raw Thrills Slither-io

As you can gather from the headline, Slither.io is finally making the jump to the arcade market. Over the weekend, I was alerted to the game being seen on test at a location in Illinois and checked with Raw Thrills about it. Fortunately, they sent us this high-resolution image showing the game cabinet in all of its glory: the cabinet is a re-design of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cabinet (which itself was a re-design of the Injustice cab). This means a 55″ screen but a relatively small footprint, and plenty of brights LED lighting. It has been designed primarily as a redemption title, where you can see the ticket doors on the front. Each player is controlled using a knob controller (likely the same design as Raw Thrills created for their Wheel of Fortune videmption game) and features a Boost button.  The software has been modified to not only work for arcade needs but also to accommodate three players. The playfield does not scroll around, the camera is zoomed out. It also has other features that are supposed to allow it to stand out from the app version, but those have not been unveiled yet.

Credits to Arcade Hero