Raw Thrills Aliens Armageddon


In Aliens Armageddon ™ a Xenomorph plague is unleashed on Earth causing apocalyptic devastation. Mankind’s only hope for survival is to fight their way to a deep sAliens_55pace cargo ship and leave the Earth behind. Aliens features a 55 inch LED cabinet, enhanced gun system, eye catching Aliens topper and four frantic levels of non-stop shooting action, with players battling an onslaught of all new alien enemies.


  • Deluxe model comes standard with a massive 55 inch HD LCD display
  • 42 Inch mounted gun version available
  • 4 Chapters
  • Force feedback guns
  • Eye Catching Multi Layer Marquee
  • Cabinet lighting synchronized with in-game actions
  • Cutting edge graphics and sound
  • Lighted multi-layer alien topper
  • Online Leaderboards

Available in a 55″ deluxe cabinet and 42″ fixed gun cabinet.



  • Loading Info – [53′-20][40′-14][40’HC-14][20′-5]Aliens_42
  • Shipping – Two Pieces
    –Main Cabinet – 87 1/2″H x 34″W x 54″D – 485 lbs–Gun Pedestal – 46 1/2″H x 47″W x 33″D – 190 lbs
  • Location – 110″H x 53″W x 60″D

42″ Fixed Gun

  • Loading Info – [53′-22][40′-16][40’HC-16][20′-8]
  • Shipping – 75″H x 55″W x 45″D – 466 lbs
  • Location – 98″H x 42″W x 52″D
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