Tonational-jukebox-dayuchTunes and the Registrar at National Day Calendar have officially declared the day before Thanksgiving to be National Jukebox Day. Exciting, right?

At a time when Americans flock to their hometowns, reconnect with family and friends, and gather at their local bars and restaurants for the biggest bar night of the year, TouchTunes is planning a number of initiatives to help celebrate the universal love of jukeboxes.

Jukebox Selfie Contest: Music fans nationwide will be encouraged to post a photo to Instagram or Twitter alongside a TouchTunes jukebox for a chance to win free credits for a year!

National Jukebox Day Playlist: TouchTunes social media fans and followers will be asked to help curate our official playlist by posting personal jukebox anthems and playlist song recommendations.

Social Media Fun Kit: Operators and Bar Reward members will gain access to a Social Media Fun Kit includes a variety of assets for you and your customers help promote National Jukebox Day!

Have questions? Please contact your sales representative.

Thanks in advance for helping to celebrate the first-ever National Jukebox Day!