Namco Ace Angler

A true fishing simulation game for fisherman of all ages.

Up to 6 people can play on the 2 huge 42″ screens.

Realistic force feedback fishing rod controllers add to the fun!

Try to catch over 70 different types of fish that are swimming in 4 unique backgrounds.

Catch the wave with a new gameplay style where a player can choose to use his earned points to try and catch more fish or they can trade them in for tickets.

Shipping Dimensions:
Pallet 1 of 4: 58″W x 50″D x 36″H
Weight: 540lbs
Pallet 2 of 4: 69″W x 39″D x 48″H
Weight: 518lbs
Pallet 3 of 4: 57″W x 30″D x 40″H
Weight: 408lbs
Pallet 4 of 4: 20″W x 17″D x 13″H
Weight: 22lbs

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