Midwest Ops On Target With June Dart Contest

The annual Pioneer Vending/Shaffer Entertainment Summer Showdown dart tournament was held at the Wyndham Hotel in Indianapolis from June 1-4. This annual competition is in its fourth consecutive year and has grown exponentially since its inception in 2013. (Kerry Shaffer from Shaffer Amusement in Dayton, Ohio, and Andy Shaffer of Shaffer Entertainment in Columbus, Ohio/Indianapolis came up with the concept.)

For the past three years, Luke Adams of Cincy-based Pioneer Vending has supported the tourney and brought many darters to help this year’s tournament top over $71,000 in prize money over three and a half days. According to the organizers, this is the highest-paying, operator-owned dart tournament in the U.S.

The event had over 700 entries in three days and the Thursday night “Luck of the Draw” saw a 50 percent increase in participation from last year to this year. The Grudge Match, a single elimination tournament showcasing the best four-person teams from each route, brought tremendous excitement on Saturday.

“We want to thank our dedicated staffers who worked as a well-oiled machine leading up to and during the tournament,” said Adams. “Summer Showdown wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of our dart coordinators. There is a reason this tournament is growing so quickly and it starts with the work put in months prior to the event.”

The tournament organizers also thanked TouchTunes and the company’s Tim Lacey for their support, as well as other local sponsors that helped make this past tournament the finest yet. The Summer Showdown tournament is “operator specific” meaning that only qualified darters from these respective route operators can participate