Manufacturer Spotlight:
Chris Brady from LAI Games

Chris Brady is entering his 30th year in the Amusement Industry. He has held multiple positions including VP of Valley-Dynamo the industry’s number one manufacturer of pay for play Pool, Air Hockey, and Foosball tables. When Brunswick Corporation acquired Valley-Dynamo he was elevated to Vice President of Brunswick Amusement Machine. His current role as VP of Sales of LAI Games is an illustration of his body of work to the industry. He played a key role in the Sales and Marketing launch of the popular arcade game Stacker. This game with over 16,000 in sales became one of the industry’s top grossing games.
LAI Games:
LAI Games has been a producing arcade and amusement games for over 50 years.  The company develops, manufactures, and sells coin and card operated prize merchandising games, ticket redemption games, video games, photo booths, and novelty games. With a dedicated R&D team that consists of the industry’s brightest engineers, game designers, 3D artists, and programmers, LAI Games is committed to bringing innovative and high income-producing games to the global market.