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Get a market and kiosk for just $3,995!

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Shaffer Distributing will be hosting a spotlight showcase at our Columbus office in conjunction with the TouchTunes Partner event on November 5th before the cocktail reception. There will be specific "mini seminar booths" set up by certain manufacturers to do 10-15 educational seminars on everything from - how to maximize crane earnings to how to run a Buck Hunter promo party to how to operate a redemption set without having to have a redemption counter, and more!

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Micro Markets have become the "buzz" in the vending business and are here to stay. 

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MEI Cashflow
Receive $25 off of a new CASHFLOW AE2600 OR Receive $50 off of a new CASHFLOW AE2800
How to participate:
Contact your Shaffer sales rep. Trade in old bill validators to Shaffer. Purchase a new AE2600 or AE2800 model. Receive qualifying savings from MEI.
It's that EASY!

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MEI Recycler

Accept more and earn more when you buy 12 MEI Recyclers you get 1 free! Hurry offer ends June 30, 2013!

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