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May 8, 2014

We want to share a success story of a Michigan street operator who convinced his location to get involved with the BayTek Prize Hub prize redemption system. The location had 15 units prior to getting involved with redemption. The units included several videos, cranes, merchandisers, one photo booth, and a basketball game. Now the location has the Prize Hub unit plus 9 redemption games (including the Hoop Fever and Big Bass Wheel Pro), 2 video, 2 cranes, a merchandiser, and photo booth. With the change, the revenue at the location has tripled on a week to week basis. Also, the operator was able to negotiate a better split (70% on all redemption and video) for the first year of the three year contract to cover the cost of the Prize Hub. Redemption is here to stay. Prize Hub and similar products like Tickets to Prizes are options to get your locations involved without having a prize counter and labor on site.

Ca$h in on the FROZEN phenomenon!

One of the highest grossing movies this season has been Disney's Frozen. Grossing more than The Lion King at over 810 million dollars in theaters alone, this movie has made an impact on society. Although it is more of a female demographic, many males also enjoy the theme and songs. With all of the success, comes great prize redemption ideas. Purchasing name brand Disney Frozen plush is the way to go. It will attract all ages and be a sure winner on your location. To purchase Disney's Frozen licensed items click here: http://www.disneystore.com/frozen/mn/1021701/ .

It's warming up outside and people are starting to wear sunglasses again! If you need a high end prize, use Ray Ban sunglasses. They never go out of style and everyone loves them.

Time to update your videos, but you’re looking for something other than a traditional driver? Why not invest in a proven, ageless title? Namco's Alpine Racer has a new updated cabinet that allows players to stand and simply push their feet side to side to move. The original Alpine Racer was a hit and we are sure this one is too!

May is a busy month for the Shaffer Team. Below is a list of all our activities we will be hosting:

05.13.14 - Spring Spotlight Show in Grand Rapids, MI. Click here!

05.14.14 - Spring Spotlight Show in Livonia, MI. Click here!

05.15.14 - Spring Spotlight Show in Indianapolis, IN. Click here!

05.20.14 - Spring Spotlight Show in Cleveland, OH. Click Here!

05.21.14 - Spring Spotlight Show in Cincinnati, OH. Click here!




February 25, 2014

There are so many big events taking place in March this year. We have compiled ideas with a timeline of events for you to get ready for the big month.

Mardi Gras, Tuesday, March 4! A great idea to remind your customers with is to purchase Mardi Gras plastic cups with the date, location information and logo. They should also add some beads to each table and string up purple, gold and green lights. If the locations have kitchens, you could advertise New Orleans themed appetizers or meals.

Selection Sunday, March 16! If you are in a college town, or have a lot of basketball fans at your location, it's time to get ready for March Madness! Adding hats, t-shirts, mini basketballs and mascot plush to your locations will increase the excitement for one of the biggest tournaments of the year.

If you have extra space or need to switch up an old game in your location, this is the perfect time to add a basketball game. Spotlight the basketball game by running a promotion. An easy promotion to use is to keep track of when players shoot a specific amount of baskets in a given time. If patrons hit the given amount they receive a location specific coupon. For more prize ideas or promotions contact your Shaffer Sales Rep.

St. Patrick's Day, Monday, March 17! As we all know, St. Patrick's Day is a huge bar event. This year it falls on a Monday, which means people will be out partying March 15, 16 & 17. Check all your bar pieces to make sure they are in top shape before the rush of St. Patrick's Day.

Make your Virtuos pop by changing the color from blue to green. As seen to the right, the green really stands out. It's really easy! Just log into your Operator dashboard and go to MyDevices > Settings> Hardware

If you have cranes or prize redemption games, update the merchandise with St. Patrick's Day themed prizes. You can pick up prizes anywhere. Try your local convenience stores, party specific stores or even dollar stores. Include everything from green koozies to location specific St. Patrick's Day t-shirt's.

Last but not least, Spring Break! For those of you who have FEC's, we are offering many great promotions during the month of March to help you get ready for the rush of all the Spring Breakers. Some of our promotions include: Raw Thrills Batman and Big Buck HD, Skeeball's Hotshot Basketball, an assortment of great UNIS products and BayTek's Sink It Shootout and Connect 4 Standard. All of these products have shown to be great earners and will amp up any location, no matter how small or large. Call your local Shaffer Rep or 800.282.0194 for all the information regarding these great deals!




February 12, 2014

We are offering some very aggressive Namco Pac Man Smash and Dead Heat Riders promotions! If you would like more information, contact your local Shaffer rep or call 800.282.0194.

Redemption counters and stores can make or break the popularity of your location. Check out the two pictures below. Both are extreme opposites of how to show prizes to customers. If you don't have enough room for a prize room, add ice from Rhode Island and LED lighting to the redemption counter to make it pop and become the centerpiece of your location.

We have heard great success stories from operators who have taken the step to add coupons to the fourth image spot on their photo booth strips. It's very easy and most all photo booths offer this as a feature.

Daft Punk is a very popular band right now. They recently won the Grammy for 2013 Record of the Year. It is projected that their album and songs sales will significantly increase in the upcoming months. Get a head start on your competition and add some Daft Punk plush and albums into you location. You can even pair iTunes gift card's with their prizes. Daft Punk will stand out more than other bands because of their very noticeable robot helmets they wear.

We have seen some very promising results from Bay Tek's Sink It Shootout. In many FEC's the competitive linking game has shown to rank in the top 10. To play you toss or bounce balls into the 10 targets, trying to turn off all the lights! Sink a ball in each target in as few shots as possible- the fewer shots you take, the more tickets you win! Each Sink It cabinet includes a 22" flat-screen monitor for advertising, game play instruction and in-game graphics.



aac coi

February 10, 2014

Dear Distributor/Operator,

The latest innovation in themed vending machines is the All American Chicken Vending Machine! All American Chicken plays all the popular American sports while he perches proudly atop hundreds of quality, toy-filled eggs. Children of all ages will watch in amazement as All American Chicken spins around to one of five custom-created music tracks and dispenses a fun-filled toy.

All American Chicken Features:
•Incredible sound - Unique,modern music and custom chicken sounds attract children of all ages!
•Animation - Flashing lights and a spinning chicken character keep kids coming back for more!•Sturdy, all steel construction •Easily accepts all US currency - dollar bill acceptor with stacker (optional), 2 coin acceptors, and meter (standard)
•Vend with coins, tokens at different pricing options, or a multi-play discount, 1 play for 50¢ or 3 plays for $1
•Small footprint - big presence: 20 3/4"W 20 3/4"D 50 3/4"H
•Vends 2" eggs, 2" capsules or 49mm superballs or a combination of all three - mix new and existing inventory to keep the offering fresh and exciting!
•Unique machine encourages even the youngest children to request to play
•Machine can be modified for foreign countries

Suggested Redemption Toys A&A Global supplies many great mixes. One of our suggest mixes to use is the color egg mix. The colors attract children and add a fun surprise to the vend! As seen in the picture to the left, placing a special toy in the 2" capsule intrigues children to play over and over. Find all the information on A&A Global's site right here!

A series of 32 football team player figures, one for every NFL team. Each has a printed logo on both sides of the helmet! Open, Build and play with these unique NFL team players! 2" capsule for $1.00 vend. Available for USA only. For all details regarding the NFL Figurines click here.

You'll be bouncing off the walls for Smurfs Foam Balls! Enjoy a true-blue variety of nine printed Smurf portraits on 51mm foam balls to collect. - See more at www.A&AGlobal.com For more information contact us at 800.282.0194 or check out our website at www.ShafferDistributing.com.




October 2, 2013

In the past few weeks we have talked about A&E's Duck Dynasty show. Beginning in October, 2013, all connected Big Buck HD arcade video games across the U.S. will automatically receive exciting additional content, based on the #1 cable TV show from A&E, Duck Dynasty. This original new game content will feature 16 rounds of duck hunting and 4 unique bonus games, as well as other important enhancements to Big Buck HD. "Adding Duck Dynasty to Big Buck HD is a sure winning formula, particularly given that the new game will be automatically downloaded to each Big Buck HD at no extra cost", said George Petro, President of Play Mechanix, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raw Thrills, Inc. Petro added: "Duck Dynasty's unprecedented popularity and hunting theme will ensure that Big Buck HD will be even more successful in the future. If your location doesn't have a BBHD yet, call your Shaffer Rep and jump on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon!

A large FEC thought of a great promotion for the new school year. He is giving patrons a chance to win one bike a week during the month of September. He is buying the bikes from Wal-Mart for about $50 each. All the players have to do is enter their name, and they get one chance each week to win. We love this idea because it's a bit different and keeps the customers who don't win the previous week coming back for another try.

Is it time you start thinking about great impact pieces? Bay Tek's Dizzy Chicken features  an LCD monitor, bright lights and crazy graphics all within its unique and attractive cylinder-shaped cabinet. Still not sold? Check out the video here. We know you will like it just as much as we do!

Bright and colorful objects are a popular theme right now. The Lounge Monkey Fortune Ball is a perfect 500 ticket item for Prize Redemption Products. This battery operated glitter lamp automatically changes colors every few seconds. A great accent light, with long lasting LED's offers a colorful glowing effect that will set the mood and turn any room into an instant party. Use this throughout your home as a night light, accent light, centerpiece or for entertaining. Also bright and colorful are the Dancing Water Speakers. You can find them online for a variety of prices. The height of water is determined by the volume and pitch of sound. Bright enough to be seen in the daylight, however it's in the dark when they really look cool. Check out the video here.

Virtuo Quick Start - Up to $400 rebate 
Ovation II - Up to $800 rebate
Beer Pong as low as $40/week 90 day deferral!
Pac-Man Smash as low as $116/month 
Dark Escape 4D as low as $218/month
Receive $25 off of a new CASHFLOW AE2600
Receive $50 off of a new CASHFLOW AE2800