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March 31, 2015

TrioTech Typhoon - A MUST HAVE for medium to large game rooms. Typhoon always ranks in the top 10 in a 50+ game room. This is a sleeper because many of us are paying attention to the attraction redemption pieces and not attraction video products. Even though this motion-simulated entertainment game has been on the market for a few years, does not mean it is to be overlooked. TrioTech is always producing new and updated movies and graphics to keep this attraction in the top of your revenue stream.

Namco Goal Line Rush - Namco really hit the mark with this game. Its simple game play keeps you playing over and over. I did! Put money in the game, press a button and the football player rushes forward. As the player rushes, he pushes footballs that are in his way onto the end zone platform. Players win the total amount of tickets (written on the footballs) that reach the end zone. Once the game completes, the end zone platform tilts up and places the footballs back onto the rotating playfield. In a FEC with over 60 games, a bowling alley and restaurant, Namco's Goal Line Rush is consistently ranking in the top 5!

Ticket Cranes - I can't count how many times we have sent out the idea to change one of the cranes on your route into a ticket crane...This is because IT WORKS. Ticket cranes are so easy! We were told that a customer changed a crane in a large FEC into a ticket crane and within one week made over $860! Don't be discouraged if you use a card reader. All you have to do is make a sign saying to take the tickets to the desk and have them counted for on the patron's card.

Coast To Coast Side Box - This is such a fantastic ROI product because you can connect it to any prize redemption product, and it has a small price tag! The idea is simple: 1. Fill the Side Box with items to win. 2. Attach each key to an item (or put in a capsule if using a crane). 3. Fill the prize redemption game with other items and include the four other keys. 4. Make money! Coast To Coast has marketing materials available for you to help advertise the game!



March 24, 2015

Selection Sunday, March 15! If you are in a college town, or your locations have a lot of basketball fans, it's time to get ready for March Madness! Adding hats, t-shirts, mini basketballs and mascot plush to your cranes and prize merchandisers will increase the excitement for one of the biggest tournaments of the year.

If you have extra space or an old game in your location, now is the time to add a basketball game. You can run a special promotion such as keeping track of when one player shoots a specific amount of baskets in a given time. If patrons hit that amount they receive a location specific coupon. For more ideas contact your Shaffer Sales Rep.

St. Patrick's Day, Tuesday, March 17! As we all know, St. Patrick's Day is a huge bar event. Check all your bar pieces to make sure they are in top shape before the rush of St. Patrick's Day.

Make your Virtuos pop by changing the color from blue to green. As seen to the right, the green really stands out. It's really easy! Just log into your Operator dashboard and go to MyDevices > Settings> Hardware.

If you have cranes or prize redemption games, update the merchandise with St. Patrick's Day themed prizes. You can pick up prizes anywhere. Try your local convenience stores, party specific stores or even dollar stores. Include everything from green cozies to location specific St. Patrick's Day t-shirt's.



January 30, 2015

BayTek Games has now launched and shipping the attention-grabbing Full Tilt. Game Play: Players coin up and the ball is dropped onto the first platform at the top of the game when the wheel is centered. The player uses the big yellow wheel to rotate the gears and guide the ball to the bottom. Players will want to aim for the big ticket values! Taking orders now! Call your local Shaffer Rep or 800.282.0194.



January 13, 2015

Skeptic about Fishbowl Frenzy? Within one week the piece made over $890 in revenue! It was placed in a mid-size FEC and is now in the top 3 products in the room. Get your order in today!

If you are not getting enough traffic on holidays, send special promotions to community groups or churches. These groups will rent out your location for hours at a time allowing you to make more profit. All you have to do is lock in a flat fee and include a meal and local groups will be drawn to the attractions.

Tickets are a great way to mix up merchandiser games. If you use a card reader system, you should give players the chance to win bundled tickets. The visual effect intrigues customers to come and play the game. Just hang a sign on the game telling the patron to bring the tickets to the redemption counter.

It's just one month before Valentine's Day and postcards are a great, inexpensive way to advertise. (Try using Vistaprint!) Add your location information and give away 20 free tokens/points. You can give cards to every teacher in a 20 mile radius (don't forget about the bus drivers if you can't get into the schools). Teachers have to reach into their own pockets to pay for the Valentines they hand to their students. This promotion saves money for the teacher and gives the students a great gift!



December 8, 2014

Carnival themed games are huge attraction pieces right now. They look great if you place them against one wall as a feature in your location. Some pieces we recommend putting together are, ICE Down the Clown, ICE Whack N Win, ICE Milk Jug Toss, LAI Balloon Buster UNIS Up & Away and BayTek Sink It Shootout.

Namco's Goal Line Rush is ranking #2 in a large Mid-West FEC behind two connected Big Bass Wheels. This game has such simple game play, people keep coming back to play. Click here to view a short video of the game.

An operator of ours has tested our idea of vending up to $20 plush items in an ICE Grab N Win and couldn't be happier with the outcome! With peace of mind he has the ability to vend the more expensive item which helps create excitement around the crane. He noticed an increase of 100% in just under one weeks time. This is the new way to merchandise.

Take a look at these pictures below. This operator wanted to really amp up the cranes, so he added plastic pebbles at the bottom of the crane for $25 or less and merchandise in the back wall. This crane looks so good and it's so easy! If you have any questions call your local rep!

We have BayTek Flappy Birds! We have ticket mode and entertainment mode. Entertainment only setting offers the operator who doesn't have ticket redemption the opportunity to operate Flappy Bird. BayTek has also included a fun feature based on the time of year. Holiday setting is when set into "holiday" the hat worn by the bird throughout stages of the game play changes based on the time of year.The operator just needs to enable this feature and the game will do its thing as long as the date and time are set properly in the game set up menu.

Jeff Tash from Raw Thrills and Shaffer worked with a local operator to host a Big Buck HD night. A week before the event, flyers were hung up and staff was given all the details to get the locals talking. Participation was great! The winners received BBHD swag and gift certificates. We help you with everything from ideas to promoting the competition to set up and awards. If you want to learn more contact your Shaffer Rep.