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ICE has released a new four-player video redemption game called Harpoon Lagoon. Factory execs say pre-orders have prompted them to ramp up production.


“We knew we had a great earner with the early test results we received,” said ICE VP Joe Coppola. “We just didn’t expect the game to catch fire so quickly. It just has tremendous player appeal and the fact that it’s a four-player centerpiece game makes it very attractive for any redemption location.”

Harpoon Lagoon commands very little floor space and attracts players of all ages with its intuitive play, advises ICE. Players aim and skillfully shoot harpoons at the various fish on screen while anticipating when the hidden jellyfish will come out of the treasure chest for a chance to win the super bonus.

The 47″ crystal clear LCD monitor offers stunning graphics and the cabinet’s LEDs in each corner of the game create a glowing and floating effect. Other features include operator-friendly double ticket bins, easy setup and precise operator controls. To view more click here.