Family Fun Centers & Bowling Centers


We firmly believe that the Shaffer Distributing has “Unmatched Execution” within the industry from Consultative Services, Support, Installation and Post-Installation. Partnering, growing, then maintaining the relationship has been and will remain an essential part of Shaffer’s legacy within the amusement game industry. Our consultative advice begins with understanding that there are many variables that come into play. It is imperative to partner with the customer to understand their short term and long term objectives as well as their targeted demographic to ensure the long-term success of their overall operations. Once communication has been established and Shaffer has a firm understanding of the customer’s objectives we then work collaboratively on conceptual ideas and provide a visual representation of said ideas through our State of the Art Design Services. Our design services encompass a visual layout with equipment placement to maximize visual impact, traffic flow and earning potential drawn to room scale taking into consideration electrical placement as well as load calculations that can inherently affect traffic flow, circuit panel issues and ultimately your return on investment.

Shaffer Distributing operates game rooms throughout the United States which provide us with real world experience. The ability to lean on that experience has proven to be invaluable for our customers as this has afforded us continuous improvement opportunities which we in turn relay to our customer base. Our objective is to help, advise and assist our customers in achieving the highest return on their invested dollar. In doing so, we hope to create strong relationships that provide us with a long-term customer. Shaffer takes great pride in maintaining relationships after the “initial set”. Follow up on a continual basis is crucial to review possible changes in pricing, percentaging, and equipment movement. We can unequivocally state that the Shaffer Distributing Company has earned a nationwide reputation for honesty, integrity, impeccable service and an ability “to get the job done right” for our loyal customers.

At Shaffer Distributing we pride ourselves on remaining diligently focused on your business and its growth; proactively seeking new product releases, enhancements and innovative ideas as a partnered reinvestment philosophy. While our knowledge is global, our expertise is local, and our care, a constant universal.

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