Golden Tee World Championship Qualifying Begins

January 17, 2017 – Vernon Hills, IL) For the next three months, players from all over North America will be competing in their favorite watering holes for a coveted spot in the Golden Tee World Championship, which takes place this May in Las Vegas.

From January 15 until March 15, players can qualify for the major event by playing in online contests. Players are encouraged to select 50-man Prize Play oGT_WC_logo_2017_2n the 2017 courses, and try to shoot their best scores. These players are then ranked by their 10 best games on each course (50 games total), and displayed on special leaderboards available on the LIVEWIRE website. The leaderboard updates every six hours, so any improvements in score are reflected throughout the qualifying period. At the end of the 3-month qualifying period, the top 50 players will secure a spot in the World Championship event, and a piece of the $70,000 prize pool.

Most states (and Canada) allow skill-based prize play, but for the few states that do not offer this game mode, residents of these states can still play and qualify for the Vegas event in a special competition. Players from Alaska, Louisiana, New Jersey and South Dakota will compete in 18-hole Online Contests, and a special qualifier leaderboard has been created to show these contenders throughout the qualifying period. Once qualifying is over, the top 3 players (and state residents) from this leaderboard will make the cut.

Full coverage, rules and leaderboards for World Championship qualifying can be found on the LIVEWIRE website at, as well as at the links below.

Primer Video:

Overview and Rules:

January Qualifying Info:

Qualifying Leaderboard:

Non-Prize States Leaderboard:

Finals Qualifiers:

IT will continue to alert players to these special events through ads on the game, the LIVEWIRE website and GT Caddy app, as well asFacebook and Twitter. Operators are encouraged to alert their player base to this great opportunity to maximize their exposure and earnings potential.