Follow-up to F2FEC

The recent F2FEC (Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference) in San Diego, billed as the best of the best from the U.S. and Canada, was a sell-out event that featured several dramatic media presentations at the start and ending with signature productions performed by Chris and Zak Jones welcoming and thanking each of the Alliance and Media Partners. F2FEC is conducted by the Three Amigos (Rick Iceberg of C.J. Barrymore’s, Ben Jones of Live Oak Bank, and George Smith of Family Entertainment Group). This year’s theme was “10x Better.”

Invited participants are among the most successful suppliers, operators, and progressive leaders representing all the genres, sectors, and communities in the entertainment center industry. Through audience polling set up by Paul Chambers at Element5, operators in the room represented 699 facilities and were directly responsible for nearly 22,000 jobs and over $1billion in annual revenues.

F2FEC attendee Barry Zelickson of Big Thrill Factory said, “Your continued passion and inspiration keeps me focused on pushing the limits to what we can all accomplish if we just keep our minds open and work smart.” Sponsor Scott Shaffer of Shaffer Distributing said, “From a sponsor perspective, this was the best networking event ever.”