Coastal 3 Ring Circus

Step right up to Coastal Amusement’s newest 3 player ticket redemption game, 3 Ring Circus. This star
attraction is sure to fill the house. 3 Ring Circus is a skill-based 3 player. An attraction that allows each
player to spin a reel and win tickets. Each player station is color-coded and branded with a circus animal for immediate identification. A progressive bonus feature, as well as a ‘mystery’ bonus, add to
the excitement. In addition to the many player features, each station on 3 Ring Circus is equipped with hundreds of RGB LED and a 21.5” LCD HD monitor which will draw in crowds to watch the gameplay. 3
Ring Circus boasts attractive carnival themed artwork and the carnival music
you have heard for decades.
Dimensions: W 112” x D 107” x H 106”

Coastal Amusement