BSR Stinky Feet

BSR has done it again… We have brought you everything you have come to expect from BSR. Fun, exciting, different and simple game play that works! Stinky Feet is a hilarious new multi-target water race game. Just follow the light pattern, be the first to reach the score and you win! Coin operated and ticket dispensing. This is one of a kind and must have!

• The all new Stinky Feet for your FEC (2 characters available)
• It’s different and it’s a “water game” with instant player recognition.
• Another attendant free group game for your FEC locations
• Custom prize display cabinets
• Ticket redemption with larger a 4″ special prize ticket.
• A BSR proven concept
• Quick win prizes to give players instant win gratification.
• Ready for any card swipe installation

Stinky Feet