Benchmark Total Eclipse


• Four (4) player stations for independent, skill-based gameplay.
• Four (4) player stations for independent, skill-based gameplay.
• Epic Game Presentation of Extraterrestrial Proportions! Players will “gravitate” to the brightly lit cabinet with glowing ethereal RGB lights, neon light effect, and sound package.
• Players test their skills to send play pucks twisting and turning along a brightly lit pathway onto spinning wheel trying to land on Sun or Star targets.
• Eclipse the Sun to Release Exciting Bonus Feature!! Players who cover the Suntarget completely will launch a high energy ball in the center console to win larger ticket values or the cumulative jackpot.
• Players that completely cover the Star target win a player an enhanced ticket value ( i.e. 8 tickets)
• Did Puck lose among the stars? All players will receive a consolation ticket value for playing (i.e. 4 tickets)• LED monitors to provide game play instructions and celebration components
• Card swipe capable, Intelli Triple Ticket Dispenser for each player station
• 54.5″W x 80″H