Benchmark The Grid

  • Skill based, ball drop game play through four tiers of plates, two of which are movingthe-grid
  • Player times the ball drop through “The Grid” and manually maneuvers play wheel to “catch” the ball and achieve displayed ticket values
  • Game play is never the same – as ball path always changes and is variable through the grid.
  • Entrancing graphics, black light and day –glo light effects
  • No auto percentaging. 100% skill based play
  • 36”w x 38”d x 84”h- Modest footprint


  • 1 Player Ball Drop
  • 18,000 Ticket Capacity
  • 1Intelli-Triple Ticket Dispenser
  • Card Swipe Capable
  • 36″ W X 38″ D X 84″ H
  • 1 Year Warranty