Benchmark Heatwave

The extremely profitable and wildly successful Slam-A-Winner concept applied to a new merchandiser.heatwave

• Ideal for both FEC and street locations.
• 4 Ball Play: Objective is drop ball through holes with letters F-I-R-E to win. 3 Letters win a small value prize, 4 letters high value prize.
• Play wheel includes F, I, R, E, loss of a letter, loss of game, and instant win.
• Players winning a small value prize can opt to either “play it safe” and redeem their prize or take a risk and continue playing for higher value prizes.
• Lights remain illuminated after non-winning play as an incentive for repeat play. Addictive and profitable!
• No auto percentaging, 100% skill-based play. Only wheel speed is adjustable.
• Three minor and two major prize tree spindles, with side door for ease of loading prizes. Prize chute has double locking mechanism for game security.
• Attractive LCD light feature and graphics package, LCD instruction screen, and prize buttons.


  • 1 Player Ball Drop
  • 4-6 Medium Prizes for Upper Dispenser
  • 6-8 Small Prizes for Lower Dispenser
  • Roll-Down Coin Acceptor
  • Card Swipe Capable & DBA Ready
  • 38” W x 38” D x 91” H
  • 475 lbs.