Benchmark Dragon’s Claw Crane

Xtreme Crane 12’h x 4.5w x 4.5 w
Modest footprint allows placement of other revenue producing games
Animated marquee and LED light feature, and is adjustable marquee to accommodate ceiling heights
360° , unobstructed view of product- “Tower of Prizes”
Access door for gantry service
No auto percentaging – 100 % skill based play
Game producing heavy cash box collections, shipping NOW!
Designed as a stand alone show piece, anchor for a bank of regular cranes, or breathe new life and activity in dormant area of game roomdragons-claw-photo-3
Create a “Wall of Wow” with other Benchmark Xtreme Games
Multiple uses for FEC’s, street location, retail, promotional, fundraising
Ideal for jumbo plush, balls, and other prizes-such as an AAMA President-18” prize chute –might be a tight squeeze!