We are showing to the tour attendees Batman ’66 Super Limited Edition,Batman Backglass
Limited Edition, and Premium models.

Batman ’66 is our 30th Anniversary game based upon the 50th anniversary of
the iconic American TV series featuring the world famous “Dynamic Duo” of
Batman and Robin.

Attached is the link to our Facebook page showing photos of all three models.

Batman 3 Models

FIRST LOOK – Batman 66 SLE Pinball! This special edition game was made to celebrate 30 years of Stern Pinball and 50 years of Batman! This machine is a pre-production version and may be subject to changes or additions.

Many more photos, a detailed feature matrix, gameplay video and much more to come in the coming days and weeks. Production scheduled to begin in November. Contact your Stern Pinball distributor for pricing and availability on LE & Premium Editions. Super LE editions have been allocated privately.