One of the world’s most addictive mobile apps has been transformed into this attractive skill redemption game! With more than 30 million timberman-HQ-square-600x600international players, Timberman is a clever and captivating skill game that really chops up the competition!

  • High Definition Graphics Displayed on a 42” Monitor
  • Marquee Topper and Cabinet LEDs Add Attractive Illumination
  • Adjustable Difficulty Levels and Redemption Rewards
  • User-Friendly Interface for Control Settings
  • Optional Free Play Mode
  • Leaderboard Promotes Competition
  • Includes: Coin Comparator [DBA and Card Swipe Compatible] and an Entropy 2000 Ticket Dispenser (with 1,000 ticket stacker)

Dimensions: 46″x32″x113″  | Weight: 463 lbs.

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