Barron Fly O’Clock

Product Description

Fly O’Clock is another addictive app-to-arcade mobile game from Digital Melody has been transformed by our partners at Magic Play into this colorful and competitive skill redemption game! With unique one-touch game mechanics, this clever and energetic skill game electrifies the competition! Time really flies when you’re having fun!


  • One or Two Player Skill Redemption Game
  • HD Graphics on a 55” Monitor
  • LEDs on Marquee Topper and Cabinet
  • Easy Game Play: Innovative One-Button Game Mechanics
  • Adjustable Settings and Ticket Redemption Rewards
  • Includes: Dual Entropy 2000 Ticket Dispenser & Dual Coin Mechanisms (DBA and Card Swipe Compatible)

How to Play and In-Gamefoc1-600x600 Features

Fly O’Clock can be played in single or two player mode. Using unique one-button mechanics (only the jump button), players race counterclockwise against time to survive the longest while being chased by electrical clock hands. Every 15 jumps, you get an invincible TICKET FIESTA ROUND; each round gets increasingly more difficult. If you survive all 60 jumps, you win the jackpot!

  • A Tutorial Start Round before every game ensures players understand the rules (seasoned players may skip)
  • One quick Invincible Practice Round occurs before every game to help players learn the ropes
  • The “Ticket Fiesta” Bonus Rounds happen after every 15 jumps (players are invincible for a few seconds before the next round to collect as many tickets as possible)
  • Survive 60 jumps without hitting the clock hands and you win the JACKPOT!