See The User Experience Everyone is Talking About!
Check out the newest video we Below that showcases the Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe user experience.


See First Hand What Makes This Photo Booth A True Attraction!
Apple Industries says the time has come for operators to think BIG…and that is exactly what the innovative manufacturer is doing with its exciting new Face Place photo booth attraction.

The unit is called “Photo Studio Deluxe” and it’s designed to be an ATTRACTION that can accommodate half a dozen or more friends or family for dynamic group photos.  Patrons can cavort, celebrate and pose in almost any kind of virtual environment, thanks to Apple’s trademark “Green Screen” technology!

Standing a BIG 90 inches tall, 70 inches long and 66 inches wide, “Photo Studio Deluxe” is a true attraction…a “studio in a box” that can easily fit several customers inside with comfort and room to spare.  After that, users are on their own to see just how many people they want to invite to share the space inside this ultra-spacious digital photo emporium!  The cabinet is made out of steel and, like all Apple Face Place photo booths; it’s tough as a battleship.

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