NFLPA Super Star Football Coins is the partnership’s first arcade game

Andamiro, NFL Licensing agreementGARDENA, CA—September 11, 2017—The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA),
through its licensing and marketing arm NFL Players Inc., has granted Andamiro USA Corp., a leading
amusement machine manufacturer, rights to develop games incorporating some of the NFL’s toprated
players and official NFLPA content, according to an announcement by Andamiro.

Under terms of the multiyear agreement, Andamiro is authorized to develop, manufacture and market
officially licensed NFLPA arcade games, reported Andamiro USA Corp. president of sales Drew
Maniscalco. “NFLPA Super Star Football Coins” is the first title created under the partnership.

“We are very excited to be associated with the NFL Players Association,” Maniscalco said. “Football
is the most popular sport in the United States, and the NFL players are the greatest in the world.”

By uniting the best arcade gaming experience with the excitement of collecting souvenirs, NFLPA
Super Star Football Coins maximizes the brand power of the most recognizable NFL icons. It employs
Andamiro USA Corp. Signs Amusement Machine Licensing Deal With NFL Players Association NFLPA Super
Star Football Coins is the partnership’s first arcade game the elements of a skill crane and coin
pusher. Central to the game are NFLPA souvenir metal coins emblazoned with images of professional
football players, including Tom Brady, who is No. 1 on NFLPA’s Top 50 Player Sales List. The
object of the game is to pick up as many coins as possible, using a magnetic “claw,” and to place
them on the “pusher” platform to initiate a win.

Andamiro, NFL Licensing agreementNFLPA Super Star Football Coins will be offered in a two-player cabinet featuring renderings of Tom
Brady and Odell Beckham Jr. on the marquee, and six other NFL superstars on the game’s exterior
and interior panels. The game will launch with a souvenir coin set of 60 players. The coins double as
redemption media (they can be traded in for tickets), so players can keep them or exchange them.

“We designed a brilliant branding strategy and put it into a fun game for amusement patrons,” Maniscalco said. “Just as everyone has a favorite team, everyone has a favorite player and we have at least one player from every team. NFLPA Super Star Football Coins is expected to begin shipping in mid-October.”

ABOUT THE NFL PLAYERS ASSOCIATION: Founded in 1956, the National Football League Players
Association (NFLPA) is the labor organization representing professional American football players
in the National Football League (NFL). The NFLPA was established to provide players with formal
representation to negotiate compensation and the terms of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). It is a member of the AFL-CIO, the largest federation of unions in the United States. The NFLPA is headquartered in Washington, DC, and online at

ABOUT ANDAMIRO USA CORP: Based in Gardena, CA, Andamiro USA Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Andamiro Entertainment, a Korean game manufacturer founded in 1992. Andamiro designs and produces ticket redemption amusements, prize merchandisers, and sports games, along with the Pump It Up dance simulator line. Andamiro opened its U.S. office in 2000 in southern California. It has since brought to market dozens of high-earning arcade titles that operate in a wide variety of entertainment destinations. Despicable Me Jelly Lab, SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade, SpongeBob Order Up, Paw Patrol, NFLPA Super Star Football Coins, Baseball Pro and S Cube are among its games.

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