BayTek Buys Skeeball

Skee-Ball, makers of one of the most recognizable machines in the industry, has sold today, Feb. 23, after over 107 years in business to Bay Tek of Pulaski, Wisc. (This firm itself will celebrate 40 years in business in 2017.) Bay Tek has bought four other competitors throughout the years (Coin Concepts, Seidel Amusements, Meltec Games and Victory Lane Ideas).baytek skeeball (2)

“For 31 years, we at Skee-Ball have supplied the amusement industry with quality that withstands the test of time,” said Skee-Ball CEO Joe Sladek. “It is at this time that we choose to take a different path and hand the Skee-Ball reins over to the good people at Bay Tek. It is a bittersweet goodbye, but we know our customers are in good hands. After all, Skee-Ball is, and will always remain, the game they keep coming back to.”

Both companies stress that business will remain as usual for the time being as operations are transitioned to Bay Tek’s headquarters over the next few months. Not all of Skee-Ball’s current game lineup will remain available after the transition, but Bay Tek ensures it will work hard to take care of customer needs. Bay Tek also announced that former Skee-Ball employee Darnelle Simmons will be joining the company after the acquisition.

Both companies plan to work closely with customers to guarantee minimal disruption. Bay Tek will immediately begin rebranding their recently launched alley game, Fireball Fusion, to reflect the noteworthy Skee-Ball name.

“These new alleys bring a modern-meets-classic look to the industry,” said Gaetan Philippon, CEO at Bay Tek. “The new Skee-Ball alleys are ready to ship now!”

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