Skee-Ball Classic 2010 – Bay Tek Games Version

Skee-Ball Classic Alley LED Lighting Model – This classic and timeless original alley ball roller game you remember have now been re-released with updated features and brand new LED Runway Lighting! And as always, built to ensure minimum maintenance and enduring visual appeal! This model is microprocessor controlled and features (9) different and very exciting sounds triggered by scoring, gutter balls and high scores!

SkeeBall Classic Alley LED Model Game Features:

▪  Can Link Up To (12) Games For Multiplayer Jackpot!
▪  Choice of Coin, Token or Optional Free Play Models
(Free Play Option requires user to install both
a metal plate and “free-play” button to the machine)
▪  Hinged Target Board + Ball Indicator Display
▪  Single Ball System With Front Net Assembly
▪  Diagnostic Features for Easy Maintenance
▪  Front Mounted Electronics For Easy Maintenance
▪  100 Point Bonus Pockets + Unbreakable Lexan Display

Game Specifications:

Dimensions: 29″W x 120″D x 80.5″H
Weight: 615lbs.
Shipping Weight: 630 lbs.
Metric Dimensions: 74cm W x 305cm D x 204cm H
Weight: 279 kg
Shipping Weight: 286 kg