Apple Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe Earnings

Finally what you have all been waiting for – COLLECTIONS AND RANKINGS For the FACE PLACE PHOTO STUDIO DELUXE!!!  We have only a few available for July 4th delivery.  So what are you waiting for?

We wanted to shout it from the roof tops the minute we received the first collections.  But, we also wanted evidence supporting the fact that we had the winner we all knew we had. Due to the slow release, we wanted to have as many collections and/or rankings to share with you, so you would be confident that you had enough data to blanket your FEC market.  Now that we have enough out on location and have a few weeks under our belt, I am able to get the information you need and expect. With this in your arsenal of knowledge you can truly get behind this product and sell it with the utmost confidence.

Only a few are willing to share their names and complete collections.  Most were only willing to share their region, number of games, rankings, and some earnings.  Even with the limited data, the earning potential here is undeniable!



Multiple Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe’s have earned upwards of $900 in just one day!

We have seen this incredible machine earn $3500 in one week, breaking previous projections of its earning potential!

Teenagers, Adults and Families alike are raving about the Photo Studio Deluxe, they can be seen partying it up, proving that the Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe truly is a Party in a Photo Booth!


CJ Barrymore’s was willing to allow us to release their collections, for full disclosure and transparency to our distributors.  Thank you Rick! They operate on a $7.00 vend, and as you can see no patron is deterred!

Click here to view collections!

Below are some other collections and rankings:

  • The Photo Studio Deluxe has ranked #1 in a major West Coast arcade operating over 100 games—averaging over 4 figures each week
  • A South East FEC with over 100 Games and 10 other Attractions – ranks #5-#12 – averaging $1,088.00/week over the last 6 weeks
  • A predominant North East Resort has the Photo Studio Deluxe in the top 10% – earning in 4 figures/week out of 218 games with a $7.00 vend
  • A Midwest FEC has the booth within its high rankings – out of 211 games the Face Place giant earns over 4 figures/week on a $7.00 vend

I couldn’t be more pleased with the Photo Studio Deluxe.  It is a showpiece that adds depth to the typical photo booth experience. It has maintained a very high ranking in rooms with a terrific payback.”
Pinstack’s Vice President of Operations, Brian Cohen.
“The performance of the Face Place Photo Studio Deluxe is beyond expectations. It is a great attraction that offers users a one-of-a-kind experience unrivaled by anything before it.  I am seeing $500.00 earnings per day and expect to see $3000.00-$3500.00/week once we are in full season.  The Photo Studio Deluxe is an awesome asset to any theme park or venue – inside or outside*”
Mission Beach Attractions, Anchor Tenant of Belmont Park, James Austin.

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